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Blockchain: Mae HUBburger yn cynnig ei gasgliad o NFTs




The Blockchain Economy Summit, which took place on February 28th in London, is the world’s largest blockchain conference, attracting a global audience. The event provided an excellent platform for companies to showcase their innovative products, and Maciej Sagal, CEO of HUBbrger spoke to CoinReporter about his company’s use of blockchain technology for its collection of NFTs.

During the interview, Sagal discussed the features of Hubberger’s NFT collection, which includes 420 NFTs in the seed collections, as well as shares and data that are included in the NFTs. He explained that the company uses a tokenization model to enable trading of shares, without the need for direct sharing of shares, which could cause regulatory issues. He added that the company has built a community of artists worldwide, and operates vending machines through partnership, allowing people to purchase and own shares in the company.

Rhannodd Sagal ei farn hefyd ar botensial tokenization yn y farchnad eiddo tiriog, gan nodi y bydd angen i'r dirwedd reoleiddiol ddod yn fwy ffafriol i arloesi o'r fath. Pwysleisiodd bwysigrwydd bod yn gyfrifol ac yn foesegol yn y busnes crypto, a gweithio i sicrhau newid trwy weithredu ac ymgysylltu â rheoleiddwyr a llunwyr polisi.

Overall, Sagal’s insights provide valuable perspective on the current state and future potential of the blockchain and NFT industries.

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